Odissi Dance


Odissi dance was originally developed in Orissa, India, as a form of worship in temples. Many dance pieces retell stories about Krishna and other deities through hand gestures and facial expressions.

Odissi survived for over two thousand years as an oral tradition, but then fell into decline. In an effort to preserve Odissi, a group of dedicated dance gurus, scholars, and musicians set forth to reconstruct this form referencing classical dance texts, ancient dance sculptures, and the remaining dancers. In doing so, they refashioned Odissi into a classical Indian dance form with formalized movements and a standard repertoire to be presented on the stage.

Distinct in style from other classical Indian dance forms, Odissi is known for its lyrical grace and charm, its rounded, fluid movements, and its sculpturesque poses.

Video Footage

Please click below for a glimpse of Guru Jyoti Rout's choreography.

Pancha Deva Stuti Mangalacharan ~ Invocation to the 5 main deities

Lasya Pallavi ~ pure dance based on Rag Abhogi

Varsha (Rain) at OSA 2010 ~ The peacock dancing with the arrival of the clouds and rain.

Additional Vidos ~ Additional videos of Jyoti Rout and the dancers of Jyoti Kala Mandir

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